Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adorable boxes!

Wouldn't these just be the cutest things to hold...pretty much anything at a reception? I agree too!

More lanterns

I love the traditional circular lanterns, but aren't these adorable too?Found here.Found here.My absolute favorite. Found here.

Provo High Bridal Fair

I went to the Provo High Bridal Fair on Saturday with two of my roommates. Luckily, one of them is engaged. Their website is here.
It was awesome. We were greeted with a bag full of goodies that I love (a whole bunch of wedding information including three awesome bridal magazines). After walking around the gym of Provo (did you know that building is 53 years old?) Kim got some ideas, Lisa laughed at almost everything around her, and I was more in love with weddings than ever.
I fully plan on attending as many as I can before I get married.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The (cup)cake pop

You have probably heard of these. Cake pops and cupcake pops have been calling for me to make them recently. I find them adorable and I need to at least try them sometime soon.
They are found on Bakerella and seem pretty simple to make.

Anyone for sugar cookies?

Don't these just make your mouth water?

Add some patterend paper

To get some beautiful paper flowers.
Found here.

Vingate dress

It always makes me happy when I see wedding dresses with sleeves on girls that did not get married in the temple.

More Clotheslines

I love the idea of having Polaroids hanging on a clothesline at the reception but...more can be put on that line than just seed packets. Beautiful vintage seed packets, that is.

Then there are the clothespins themselves. (Do not ask my roommates and me to go looking for them in stores. We like to call them safety pins or paper clips. Long story.)
Look at how precious these are. Mod podge can go a long way with paper that matches your colors.I am in love with the one in the middle. The sad thing: it is such a small little chunk of wood that looks gorgeous. I would have to find some way to use them after the wedding.