Sunday, September 20, 2009

This one's for the food

Yes. I may be in love with food. What to do with food for a reception has been on my mind lately. Here are some adorable ideas I have run into:

#1. S'mores station~
I have heard of this but was worried I would need a fire pit in order to make it work. Not exactly. "Three-in-one" dessert makers, $40 each, from CasaModa, Those little sticks remind me of fondue spears.

Photo by Dasha Wright.
#2. Made with ice cream~
Though melting would present a problem, an ice cream sundae station would be adorable. Root beer floats remind me of the treat for after firesides or else I would be in love with that thought.

Photo found here.
#3. Candy Corner~
Although this one has been done so much lately, I still love it. I am trying to think of a new twist I can put on it, which is hard. One idea is putting more "sophisticated" treats with the candy such as chocolate covered pretzels and yogurt covered raisins. (Granted, I would want to have muddy buddies in the mix if I did all sorts of sugary treats.) This does fit the favors category more than the "mandatory" LDS reception food category. As for the candy, I have heard that Candy Warehouse gets your candy at decent prices.

image found here.
#4. Smoothie Spot~
Grab a few blenders and then line up fruits, ice, juices, and yogurt and have your friendly "bartender" mix up drinks. Time consuming depending on how many blenders and bartenders you have. More original than many of the other ones though.

image found here.
#5. Cannoli Corner~
Provide heaping plates of traditional and chocolate shells and pastry bags of sweetened ricotta filling. Guests can pipe in their own filling and dip the ends in chocolate chips. How sweet is that?

image found here.
#6. Apple dipping~
Invite guests to dip freshly made caramel apples into chopped nuts, sprinkles, mini M&M’s and other fun toppings. Or just have them make their own caramel apples.

image found here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bright colors!

My new favorite photo. I love how bright it is and the bubbles and the balloons.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

whiteboard bubbles

So, I am a little obsessed about making a photo booth for my wedding right now. It would not be that hard and would be so much fun. I am trying to think of how I want to build (dimensions and lighting and props and etc) but, I like this idea about having whiteboard bubbles. So cute and easy and something I rarely see. So, although photo booths are common now, a new twist is added!

Rainy days

Oh dear. I am a fan of these pictures. Rain is one of my best friends (even though I know of plenty of guys that do not like that form of precipitation.) I may just have to find one day during the duration of my engagement to take some rain shots.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The homemade look

Stamped, homemade wedding announcements are so adorable! If you can throw a vintage edge into the look, it would be perfect for me. My dream would be to find a place in which I could make my own rubber stamps. How cool would that be? Homemade announcements that you can match to your theme perfectly?
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.

For the groom

I love boutonnieres. So small and sweet, but fun to make. My only problem is that there aren't very many examples of those adorable little floral decorations in green and/or brown. The ones I do see are cute though.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here. Yeah. I cheated. It's red. I love the wiring behind the rose.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

birdcage veils!

Oh how gorgeous! I am in love with these amazing things.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
Found here.

So cute.

Found here.
Found here.
I love how adorable she is. A little crazy. spirited. So cute!

Green bubble umbrella

Found here

Talk about wedding accessories! I got this bubble umbrella with a green trim and handle at Target the other day because...I did not have an umbrella and I could not resist. Think of how adorable it would be as an accessory!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, I'm up for different. Feathers mixed in with the wedding bouquet? Possibly. It would be a great way to bring in the beautiful green found in peacock feathers.

Found Here
Found Here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The best wedding present

Love it.

Carnival Wedding!

This wedding looked absolutely adorable. It is one of my current favorites. What better way to entertain kids than have a carnival themed wedding? ( the top couple pictures, I am assuming she is mormon. I love her.)

Small and simple

I'm all for small, simple rings. My mom's just had one diamond and that is what I knew as a wedding ring growing up.
These three rings were made by Blanca Monrose. Found at her Etsy shop. All for under $400. (And, yes. I am thinking of having a gem other than a diamond. A girl I worked with at the Marriott Center has a sapphire and I love her ring!)

Greens galore

I give you...the color green!

Custom Made Dress?

Melissa Blackburn makes dresses that look gorgeous! The one above is mouth watering to me. I love the half of a bow in the back. I pretty much want this dress.